Throughout the year, BACH sponsors clinics and seminars by world renown dressage clinicians. These clinics are the perfect way to expand your knowledge and skills, and BACH members ride at a reduced cost. If you can't ride, auditing is a wonderful way to learn too!

BACH also organizes educational and social events througout the year. Come join us for fun and education while meeting your fellow horse people!


Upcoming Events

Volunteer at BACH Events and Earn BACH Bucks!!
We want to recognize our great BACH Volunteers who help run our shows, clinics, and programs. As a start we have re-instituted BACH Bucks! Volunteer for half a day at a BACH event and earn $5 in BACH Bucks. A whole day gets you $10! BACH Bucks can be used toward the purchase of BACH merchandise – T-shirts, polar fleece, caps, and more!
Enjoy the fun of participation and camaraderie with others who love the smell of horses. Start earning your Bucks! For more information, contact Ginni Cifelli at

Past Events

FarmVet/USDF Adult Clinic Series with Lilo Fore
March 3-4, 2012
Stormin' G Ranch
College Station, Texas

Additional Clinic Information can be found at:

This clinic series, "The Classical System Simplified", was a great learning experience for everyone who attended. The FarmVet/USDF Adult Clinic Series helped to further USDF's goal of educating riders of all ages, disciplines and experience on the benefits of classical dressage. In addition to the clinic itself, each ride included a lecture open to all auditors and mounted participants.

General Membership Meeting & Barbeque Social
August 12, 2010
C&J Barbeque
Bryan, Texas

This was an enjoyable evening of barbeque and dressage discussion. The business part of the meeting included information about the BACH schooling show series, the BACH volunteer rewards program, and the Susan Harris clinic scheduled for next March. This event was open to everyone and we were glad to get your input on our upcomming events and current programs.

BACH Big Event
June 5, 2010
Topsider Farm
College Station, Texas

This event included:

Ride-A-Test Clinic * Judge/Clinician Donna Meyer, “L”
Clinic slots consisted of about 30 minutes per test. Participants "rode a test", while being judged, and then discussed with the judge the movements or components that could be improved. Participants were allowed the opportunity to ride the test a second time in total or in part in order to practice the suggested changes.

Scribe Training Clinic*
Participants saw test movements up close and personal, from the judge’s point of view. They learned first hand what the judge is looking for in each movement and in collective marks, what is required to get a “6” to be an “8”, etc..

Scorer Training Clinic *
Particpants gained a much clearer idea of the importance of those pesky coefficients; how errors off course affect a score; the reality of each movement being scored in isolation so that recovery from a mistake can redeem a test.

Thermography Demonstration & Saddle Fit Evaluations
by Sharon
Shull, DVM
In an effort to share this useful information with a wider audience, Sharon offered to attend the Ride-A-Test Clinic, explain the process, record a thermographic image before and after your ride so you can see any areas where your saddle is putting uneven pressure on your horse.

10:00–2:00 Silent Auction Charity Event *
As part of USDF’s Green Movement, we designed a Silent Auction that involves the recycling of used tack and clothing. All proceeds went to a local charity. Participants at the BACH BIG Event voted on the recipient, Bluebonnet Horse Rescue.

Thermography Demonstration
Presented by Sharon Shull
April 1, 2010
Shull's Farm
11580 Golden Mist, College Station

We learned about using advanced infrared technology to detect heat and inflammation and how it is an excellent tool for saddle fitting and those tough lameness and soft tissue injuries.